Ayotlan (Mdz47r)

Ayotlan (Mdz47r)
Simplex Glyph

Glyph or Iconographic Image Description: 

This simplex glyph of a turtle [ayotl) or āyōtl), recognizing the vowel lenghs] stands for the place name Ayotlan. The visual is of its underside, as though the viewer were underneath it, looking up, watching it swim or walk. It is facing to the viewer's right. Its head, legs, and tail are all a purple/brown, and its shell is a golden yellow, with some purple/brown reinforcing the black line drawings that capture the character of the shell. Its one visible eye is white. The locative suffix -tlan is not visual.

Description, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Added Analysis: 

The gloss does provide the locative suffix -tlan and not -tla (or -tlah, if we recognize the glottal stop), so we are favoring -tlan, even though it is not represented visually. Thus, this is not a place of an abundance of turtles, but it is a place where there are turtles.

Added Analysis, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Gloss Image: 
Gloss Diplomatic Transcription: 

ayotlan. puo

Gloss Normalization: 

Ayotlan, pueblo

Gloss Analysis, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Source Manuscript: 
Date of Manuscript: 

c. 1541, but by 1553 at the latest

Creator's Location (and place coverage): 

Mexico City

Semantic Categories: 
Shapes and Perspectives: 

turtles, tortoises, tortugas

Glyph or Iconographic Image: 
Relevant Nahuatl Dictionary Word(s): 

-tlan (locative suffix), place, https://nahuatl.wired-humanities.org/content/tlan

Karttunen’s Interpretation: 

"Turtle Place" [Frances Karttunen, unpublished manuscript, used here with her permission.]

Additional Scholars' Interpretations: 

"Where There Are Many Turtles" (Berdan and Anawalt, vol. 1)

Image Source: 

Codex Mendoza, folio 47 recto, https://digital.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/objects/2fea788e-2aa2-4f08-b6d9-648c00..., image 104 of 188.

Image Source, Rights: 

Original manuscript is held by the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, MS. Arch. Selden. A. 1; used here with the UK Creative Commons, “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License” (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0)

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