ihuitl (Mdz47r)

ihuitl (Mdz47r)

Glyph or Iconographic Image Description: 

This iconographic example of a group of eight green feathers (ihuitl) are included for comparative purposes, for understanding elements of glyphs. These feathers are standing upright, they are painted a dark green at the tips, fading toward a light green down at the feathers' base. The feathers go all the way white at their base. They also appear to be attached to one another in some way at the base.

Description, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Gloss Image: 
Gloss Diplomatic Transcription: 

plumas rricas

Gloss Normalization: 

plumas ricas

Gloss Analysis, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Source Manuscript: 
Date of Manuscript: 

c. 1541, but by 1553 at the latest

Creator's Location (and place coverage): 

Mexico City

Cultural Content & Iconography: 
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Museum/Rare Book Notes: 

ihuitl. A Mexica feather design. This stone was refashioned after 1521 into the base for a European-style column. Museo del Templo Mayor. Photograph by Robert Haskett, summer 2010.

Glyph or Iconographic Image: 
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Image Source: 

Codex Mendoza, folio 47 recto, https://digital.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/objects/2fea788e-2aa2-4f08-b6d9-648c00..., image 104 of 188.

Image Source, Rights: 

Original manuscript is held by the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, MS. Arch. Selden. A. 1; used here with the UK Creative Commons, “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License” (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0)