Quiyauh (MH650v)

Quiyauh (MH650v)
Simplex Glyph

Glyph or Iconographic Image Description: 

This simplex glyph for the personal name Quiyauh ("It Has Rained," attested here as a man's name) shows one short stream of rain (quiyahuitl) water with a triangular shape, point downward, with lines of current (flow, movement), and a small circle at the bottom. The triangle is unusually adorned with tiny sprays of water coming off the sides.

Description, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Added Analysis: 

The iconography of this normally simple glyph, with the triangular shape and circle at the bottom, has some tiny added splashes off the sides of the triangle. This is reminiscent of the splashes that come off larger streams of water, each one ending in either a drop or a turbinate shell. Here, the author would have had difficulty adding such details to each tiny splash.

Added Analysis, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Gloss Image: 
Gloss Diplomatic Transcription: 

franco quiauh

Gloss Normalization: 

Francisco Quiyauh

Gloss Analysis, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Date of Manuscript: 


Creator's Location (and place coverage): 

Huejotzingo, Puebla

Semantic Categories: 
Cultural Content, Credit: 

Jeff Haskett-Wood

Shapes and Perspectives: 

lluvia, días, fechas, calendarios

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Spanish Translation, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Image Source: 

Matrícula de Huexotzinco, folio 650v, World Digital Library, https://www.loc.gov/resource/gdcwdl.wdl_15282/?sp=383&st=image

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This manuscript is hosted by the Library of Congress and the World Digital Library; used here with the Creative Commons, “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License” (CC-BY-NC-SAq 3.0).

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