tlacalaquilli (TR33r)

tlacalaquilli (TR33r)

Glyph or Iconographic Image Description: 

This iconographic scene from the Codex Telleriano-Remensis shows a man in profile delivering tributes (tlacalaquilIli)) to his new overlords (the Mexica, not shown). The man wears a loincloth and a white cape, trimmed in red, tied on his left shoulder. The man is presenting a bundle of green (probably quetzalli) feathers wrapped in a petlatl (woven mat) and a turquoise and gold-bead necklace. He also carries a blue and yellow circular war shield with a multi-colored fringe.

Description, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Added Analysis: 

The shield that the man carries could either be a tribute item or it could represent the recent defeat of his people at the hands of the Mexica warriors, according to Eloise Quiñones Keber (Codex Telleriano-Remensis, 1995 218). The annotation on the manuscript clarifies that the Mexica had recently defeated the province of Pánuco, north of Mexico Tenochtitlan. The man's town pertains to this region. The contextualizing image shows the glyph for his town, Xiuhcoac, a turquoise-blue serpent in an S-shape, along with the date 1458 (the year, 5-Tochtli).

Added Analysis, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Gloss Image: 
Gloss Diplomatic Transcription: 

primer probin
cia quellos su

Gloss Normalization: 

primera provincia que ellos sujetaron

Gloss Analysis, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Date of Manuscript: 

ca. 1550–1563

Creator's Location (and place coverage): 

Mexico City

Cultural Content, Credit: 

Jeff Haskett-Wood and Stephanie Wood


tributes, tributos, feathers, plumas, necklaces, collares, shields, rodelas, escudos, serpents, serpientes, rabbits, conejos, xiuhpohualli, año, turquesa, xihuitl

Glyph or Iconographic Image: 
Relevant Nahuatl Dictionary Word(s): 
Glyph/Icon Name, Spanish Translation: 

los tributos

Spanish Translation, Credit: 

Stephanie Wod

Image Source: 

Telleriano-Remensis Codex, folio 33 recto, MS Mexicain 385, Gallica digital collection,

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