Oyohual (MH493v)

Oyohual (MH493v)
Compound Glyph

Glyph or Iconographic Image Description: 

This black-line drawing of the compound glyph for the personal name of a man, Miguel Oyohual (short for oyohualli, a leg bell worn in dance situations), is a black sphere with dots around it.

Description, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Added Analysis: 

The round black object could be a bell (oyohualli), but it is also reminiscent of representations of night (yohualli, a near homophone). The dots may be the artist's effort to make sound or vibration visible. In other examples, below, see also how small suggestions of sound emerge from the golden bell, how marks hover around an ear, and wind emerges from the mouth of Ehecatl.

Added Analysis, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Gloss Image: 
Gloss Diplomatic Transcription: 

gaspar oyoval

Gloss Normalization: 

Gaspar Oyohual

Gloss Analysis, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Date of Manuscript: 


Creator's Location (and place coverage): 

Huejotzinco, Puebla

Semantic Categories: 
Cultural Content, Credit: 

José Aguayo-Barragán

Glyph or Iconographic Image: 
Relevant Nahuatl Dictionary Word(s): 

oyohual(li), jingle bell, leg bell worn by dancers/warriors, https://nahuatl.wired-humanities.org/content/oyohualli

Glyph/Icon Name, Spanish Translation: 

Campanilla o Cascabel

Spanish Translation, Credit: 

Stephanie Wood

Image Source: 

Matrícula de Huexotzinco, folio 493v, World Digital Library. https://www.loc.gov/resource/gdcwdl.wdl_15282/?sp=66&st=image

Image Source, Rights: 

This manuscript is hosted by the Library of Congress and the World Digital Library; used here with the Creative Commons, “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License” (CC-BY-NC-SAq 3.0).

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